The Samithy's Tryst With Responsibility: 

Should we become shadow fighters? The Samithy is not advocating that the factions should reunite or maintain status quo, at once. But certainly, the Samithy is aspiring for peace and tranquility in the Church. There are some parishes in Kerala that run successfully by Orthodox – Marthoma joint governing body, without tarnishing the interest of the other. If this is possible by denominations of different faith and order, why can’t we the same church do it in a better way. 


  • Chengannur Pazhaya Suriyani Pally.
  • St. Mary’s Koorthamala Pally.
  • Thalavady Pally

The Samithy is convinced of:

It is the responsibility of every believer to bring peace and tranquility in the Church. The Samithy renounce all forces that are acting against the will of Christ.

The Samithy believes that the responsibility is vested more on the hierarchy, with due share on laity.

The Samity calls upon warring factions to undergo all humiliations up to any extent, in order to bring the system to a church shape.

The Samithy urges upon factions to protect themselves from being victimized by the cunning politicians.

Since the Orthodox – Jacobites are the heirs of the same bread and wine, (The flesh and blood of Christ) the Samithy believes their fellowship is simply natural and pleasingly possible.

Some of the actions taken:

Printed leaflets and pamphlets, explaining the objective of Samithy, have been distributed in Parishes.

Many central meetings and area meetings had been convened.

On January 26th 2010, a fasting prayer endurance was conducted at the Central Stadium (Thirunakkara) Kottayam, which was attended by large numbers of clergies and laity.

For the convenience of interaction, three regions have been formed, viz: The Centre and outside Kerala (Kottayam), The Northern Region (Aaluva), The Southern Region (Trivandrum).

Youth and women wing have been organized.

Petitions have been sent to:

  • H.H. The Catholicose of the East (Kottayam) 
  • H.H. The Catholicose of Antioch and of all the East (Damascus) 
  • H.B. Baselios Thomas 1, the Catholicose (Moovattupuzha) 
  • H.G. Yuhanon Mar Milithios, the Catholicose designate (Kottayam) 
  • H.H. Aram 1st Casheshian  - Celician Catholicose of the Armanian Church
  • All metropolitans of both factions.

The Samithy found that there are only 37 parishes having disputes. The Samithy is in the process of intervening in as many cases as possible, to help them to arrive at a solution.

The Samithy in its whole sincerity calls, upon one and all church members to join hearts, souls and hands with the Samithy in order to bring peace and tranquility in the Church as a whole. Any action without peace will turn profane and internecine.